服務項目 服務內容
  • 建立植物工廠暨智慧農業專業網站
  • 提供產業資訊
  • 提供技術與市場資訊
  • 提供相關單位研討會訊息
  • 舉辦國內技術研討會及人才培訓
  • 舉辦國際研討會
  • 舉辦成果發表會
  • 協辦國外參展
  • 建立檢測方法與技術
  • 提供測試與認證資源單位
  • 參與重要技術規格之訂定
  • 增進會員合作媒合及國際技術交流媒合
  • 促成專業技術聯盟與研發聯盟之成立
  • 協助會員爭取政府相關研發計畫補助
  • 其他
Service Types Service Contents
Establish the information platform
  • Establish the plant factory and smart agriculture professional website
  • Provide the industry information
  • Provide the technical and marketing information
  • Provide the seminar information from the relevant units
Organize foreign seminars
  • Organize the domestic technical seminars and personnel training
  • Organize the international seminars
  • Organize the achievement presentations
  • Co-organize the foreign exhibitions
Establish a testing and verification platform
  • Establish the test methods and techniques
  • Establish the test and accreditation resource units
  • Participate in the formulation of important technical specifications
Other services
  • Enhance the matching of membership cooperation and international technology exchanges
  • Promote the establishment of professional technology alliances and R&D alliances
  • Assist the members to win government-related R&D subsidies
  • Others