A word from the Chairman
Due to the climate change, the increase of the global warming effect has resulted in a significant reduction in the area of arable land, and it has not been easy for crop planting to cause food shortages. How to solve the food shortage problem has become an important issue for countries in the world. Most existing agricultural crops in Taiwan are faced with technical thresholds such as plant growth monitoring, unit volume production, regulation of production period, energy conservation, automatic detection of diseases and insect pests, and prevention of disasters. The development of plant and plant technology has the characteristics of stable production and production of crops. It is also characterized by low energy consumption, high production efficiency, and reduced manpower. Therefore, under the pressure of food shortages in the future, the market demand for plant factories will increase. At present, the leading technology manufacturers in the global plant industry are Japan and the Netherlands. It is a good opportunity for Taiwan to start vigorously developing plant factories!

The aim to establish “Taiwan Plant Factory Development Association” is that Taiwan has a good foundation in agricultural development as it is supported by information and communication, semiconductor and other technical industries, so it is hoped that the industrial agglomeration will multiply the agricultural and technological energy in Taiwan to play its maximum efficiency. Collaboration with a cross-border cooperation platform can quickly shorten the fumbling stage of plant factories in Taiwan, develop industrial applications in various fields, and quickly establish common basic technologies and applications to assist domestic industries to enter new fields and create new business opportunities for plant factories.

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